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John William Harmston

Musical Works

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John William Harmston produced approximately 240 musical pieces, mainly drawing-room music.  The highest opus number found so far is Op 237. The majority of pieces were written for piano although some were written for flute, violin or cello.

Of the estimated 242 pieces, 207 have already been identified along with their opus number. The titles of a further 21 works are known although without opus numbers.

The majority of titles are in either French or German (or both). However, some titles found have been in English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Spanish. Every effort has been made to eliminate duplication but, with various languages used, there may still be a small number that appear twice.

The first publication of any of John William Harmston’s music was a set of quadrilles published by Purday & Co. of London in 1844.

A full listing as currently known appears on the attached pages. Electronic and/or paper copies of 153 pieces have already been obtained and these are marked in the lists with a red dot ().

The ‘Universal Handbuch der Musikliteratur’ by Franz Pazdírek records that some pieces were co-written with Krimmling. These are identified in the lists by a green square ().

Musical Works

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